Our review of the CTC A13

Well well well... We aren't really sure what to say about this printer. It markets itself as an "high accuracy" machine but what you receive is far from it. The design feels pretty solid but what is ultimately the downfall of this cheap 3d printer is the measures taken to cut costs. Due to this, we were never able to actually build our machine and get it printing.

Now I know what you might be thinking, "It's so cheap I could buy one and just swap out the rubbish parts for better parts and still have a good 3d printer". We thought this at first but honestly, this was just too much to swap. The only thing worth keeping would have been the frame.



The old expression of "buy cheap, buy twice" definitely applies here!

Let's run through the main issues we experienced:

Firstly, the hole on the x carriage has been so poorly made there's a load of left over material in there. This was the first indication that there was probably little to no quality control performed when making this printer. If this was a home made machine we could let this one slip but considering this is coming from a factory to be marketed as a "high accuracy" machine this really just doesn't cut it.

Secondly the extruder arrived broken making the machine inoperable. The plastic was extremely brittle and as a result was damaged in postage. Also, if you look .closely, you can see rust on the bearing. Another indication to the lack of quality control

Thirdly, the bed is bent, rusted and the adhesive sticker has peeled up. Rusted parts on a new machine is frankly just unacceptable. The print surface was "held" on with a few thin strips of double sided adhesive which clearly useless as they failed before the bed was even heated!

As well as this, the actual heat bed element is an insufficient size for the print bed. We honestly couldn't help but laugh at this. Even a cheap heated bed will set you back less than £10 and still they chose one that barely covers any of the beds total surface area. And yes, it is just held on with kapton tape!

Finally, to top it all off, the supplied power cable is definitely not safe. It's far too thin around the plug and has no fuse. In the UK, it's essential your plugs have a fuse or are double insulated as this is a safety measure to protect you from both electrical shocks and fires. These cables are actually illegal in the UK due to them not meeting the safety standards. For some more information on how dangerous these plugs are, check out this article at

To summarise, stay clear of this printer. It's poorly made and is genuinely unsafe to use. Stick with well known, trusted brand printers like the Ender 3 Pro or Anycubic I3 Mega. For just a few extra pounds these machines will outperform the CTC A13 all day.

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